Are Your Muscles Broken? Part 1

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For years, people have been coming to me to work out because I know how to guide them through a workout that produces results without causing further injury. I know what exercises you should do and shouldn’t do if you have problems with your knee, shoulder, hip, etc. Upon watching people working out with these injuries, I see many interesting movement patterns. For example, if someone has a knee injury, they might limp; one hip might hike up higher than the other; the foot might point in; or the torso might twist incorrectly.  

As a trainer, I am always studying these patterns to learn whether I should adapt the workout further to correct these movement variables, change their form, or accept these discrepancies as their unique movements. While exercise in the best and most effective way to correct and prevent health risk and injury, there is a small percentage of people who will still suffer from minimal discomfort—that achy knee, throbbing shoulder, or stiff neck. Their physical therapist, chiropractor, or massage therapist has done what they can to help, yet pain and limited movement remains. I was sharing this frustration with a doctor friend, and he gave me a resource that can fill this void and correct even more severe issues. It’s call MAT (Muscle Activation Technique). It’s a revolutionary approach to assess a client’s muscular system to determine what muscles are not working correctly and fix the problem. It can restore function and correct muscle weakness. It can help an athlete perform better, an injured layman receives relief, and a desk job worker prevent back injury. After years of study, observing muscle imbalances, listening to the problems people face due to injury, and understanding the needs of athletes, I know that MAT is a key directive that will provide for the needs of my clients! So, I have embarked on studying this technique! Once certified, people will have the opportunity to come to my studio for a MAT treatment whether or not they are training with me. I will also incorporate this technique into training sessions to help my clients receive and even more customized workouts and increase athletic performance.

As I get closer to the completion of this course, more information will come. In the meantime, feel free to call me with questions. I’m very excited to share more!

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