Confessions To A Trainer

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I receive “confessions” all the time. “Julia, I didn’t do so well this past weekend. I ate . . .“ or, “Julia, I drank . . .“ Most of these confessions come and go and I am able to easily suggest alternatives and ways to help my clients navigate through these infrequent indulgences. However, one “confession” came this month that required a lot more coaching. This client confessed that they had gone into the grocery store to get some Greek yogurt, a healthy option, but got distracted by the chocolate chunk cookies along the way.    Without much thought, the entire package of 12 cookies were purchased and eaten within an hour and a half. These cookies contained a whapping three thousand calories and 72 grams of saturated fats. This means that in one fleeting moment, he consumed 1500 more calories and 60 more grams of saturated fats than a healthy person should consume in one day! This indulgence put his kidneys, liver, and entire digestive system and circulatory system into overload! Thankfully, this client brought his action to my attention and we worked together to find a solution to the problem.  Binge eating is a serious problem that should not be justified or ignored. It causes extreme harm to your body and can bring guilt, shame, and lack of confidence and self-worth. I’m grateful that this client felt comfortable in bringing his problem to my attention so that we could work toward a solution together. If you suffer with this form of binge eating, don’t ignore it. Don’t justify it. Get help.

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