Falling Forward

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Falling Forward

Wow! I can’t believe Fall has arrived and my kids are heading back to school! It’s amazing how quickly the summer has flown by! We’ve had a wonderful time camping, spending time with friends, and enjoying the outdoors. However, we are all looking forward to the routine that comes with school starting. Our schedule changes dramatically this time of year and I find myself setting new goals and deciding how I will spend my time with the Holidays approaching. I also reflect on the activities of my life to decide what will remain in my schedule, what will be removed, and what will be added.

Does your schedule change? Do you find yourself looking forward to the upcoming months to develop a strategy for your health? Have you thought of how you will keep yourself a priority, how to keep life simple, or what you will include that will enhance your quality of life?

Here are some thoughts that might help you develop your strategy:
*What activities bring you joy? Maybe it’s a monthly night out with friends, maybe it’s your career; maybe it’s weekly game night with the kids; maybe it’s a hobby; maybe it’s date night.

*What activities absolutely must remain? These may not be favorites in your life but are of value for either you, your friends, or your family.

*What is missing from your life that should be added? Time with friends or family; time to relax; time for Christ and study of your faith; time for your health; more sleep?

*What can be removed? What are you doing that is done out of habit–that doesn’t bring joy or value—and is just a time zapper? TV? Electronics? Social Media? Club or sporting events?

*Is your job causing extreme stress in your life? If so, is the stress temporary or will it continue indefinitely? Would another job or career be more beneficial long term for your health?

Reflecting on these areas of your life can help as you develop a great schedule. You can add, remove, and keep the items that bring fulfillment to your life. You can only live this life once. Make it count!

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