Lasting Resolutions

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Lasting resolutions

Happy New Year! 2017 is here and it is a great time to reflect on last year! How did you do with your health goals? Did you eat healthier in 2016 than you did in 2015? What about exercise? Are you stronger than you used to be? Maybe you improved in some aspects of your health and not so much in other aspects.  

Whether you met all your goals or not, it’s time to move forward with fresh plans in 2017. But why? Why do you want to be healthier in 2017? This is key!!! You will NOT succeed in 2017 unless you know your why! Is your goal to lose weight? Why? If your answer isn’t from deep inside you, it isn’t real. It isn’t lasting. For example, when the alarm goes off at 5 am telling you it’s time to go downstairs and listen to Jillian Michaels scream at you to do jump squats, what will you do? Will you get up? Will you keep getting up every day until you accomplish your goals? Or here’s another scenario, after a long day at work will you drive to the gym (instead of home), workout with your trainer, and follow all the guidelines your trainer has laid out for you? Will you do your home workouts or trainer workouts consistently? Just to lose weight? I guarantee you, you won’t unless your “why” is real. Take time this week to determine your why before buying that gym membership, registering for that weight loss competition, or hiring a trainer.

Next, it is vital to learn more about yourself. Lasting change and quality resolutions cannot be made until you know what makes you tick. Here are some things you need to learn: do you find that you do better with an accountability partner or do you like to do things by yourself?; do you procrastinate your workouts or are you consistent with exercise?; how does your work schedule affect your energy, mood, and schedule?; what motivates you—incentives, sense of accomplishment, helping others, or personal growth?; what discourages you—fear of failure, an overwhelming schedule, peer pressure?. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and have found that those who really know the answers to these questions are more likely to succeed. In other words, when you know what motivates you and what doesn’t; what time of day you are most energetic; what environment you prefer; how often you can realistically exercise; whether or not your job bogs you down, you can pick health plans or programs that will support verses discourage.

I try to learn the answers to these questions before I work with a client. It really isn’t about the “best weight-loss plan” or the “hardest workout”. It’s about you. So, before you pick the gym, program, or workout, decide to spend some time with yourself. Learn why you are choosing your health, learn what makes you tick, then pick the program that is a “Perfect Fit” for you.

To your health! Julia

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