How to Overcome Summer Temptations

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Summer is my favorite season! It means I get to spend more time with my kids and be outdoors! I love to bike, run, garden, grill, lake swim, and sit around a campfire! While this time of year is fantastic, it is also a time where unhealthy foods are everywhere.  

There are so many grad parties and weekend getaways with the family. Comfort foods are out! Hot dogs, brownies, beer, ice cream, donuts, cake, pizza, chips . . . Yikes! With these temptations, how is one to stay lean and strong in their swim suit, shorts, or tank tops?
The answer is not easy, but it is simple. Say, “no”. I know what you are thinking. In fact, I think I see your eyes rolling through the computer. You are saying, “There’s no way, Julia. When these things are in front of me, there’s no way I can resist. Plus, my whole family is eating these foods and I would be the weird one by not indulging. And, that’s what makes summer so memorable! Why would I say no to a hot dog and a brownie on July 4th!”

If you truly want to stay healthy this summer and keep the body fit and trim, you must make a choice. If I could help people lose weight by eating junk food, I would be a millionaire! Unfortunately, these food items come with an expensive price on your health and well-being. Am I saying you can’t have any unhealthy food options? No, but you do need to develop a strategy. Decide when and where you will say yes or no to these temptations and stick to that plan. Life is all about choices. The daily choices we make for our health are the choices that will make a dramatic positive impact on our life and the lives of our friends and family.

Here are a few tips that will help you fight the temptations.

  1. Eat before you go to the event or keep something in the car to snack on before arriving. This should keep you eating everything in sight.
  2. Slowly nibble on the veggie, fruit, nuts that are being served. This will keep your hostess happy that you are eating something.
  3. Don’t hang out by the food. Grazing is dangerous!
  4. For every unhealthy drink option you consume, drink 2 glasses of water. This will minimize dehydration and will keep the calories consumption at bay.
  5. Be the creative one by bringing a new healthy summer dish to share. Plan to have this as the main food item on your plate. Then, you won’t have as much room on your plate for the unhealthy items.
  6. Plan activity into your socializing. Throw a football, take a walk, play some volleyball with the family, or play outside with the kiddos. You will burn calories rather than sitting and eating them.
  7. Eat well and exercise throughout the week. The treat you eat at your event won’t hurt you as much.
  8. Join a summer challenge at work or your local gym. When in a contest, you will be more determined to say no. Plus, being around other healthy, like-minded individuals will help you stay focused on what matters most.
  9. Designate an accountability partner. Make a pact with someone who will help you say no.



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