My Shoulder Hurts! I’m not going to workout for awhile

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“I quit exercising because my ____________________ (i.e. shoulder, hip, lower back, knee etc.) hurts every time I work out.”

In the 10 years I have been a trainer, I have heard this statement so often. The minute pain is felt, the natural response it to not exercise.  The phrase, “When in doubt, don’t” is a wise assumption if you do not have a background in exercise physiology.  Unfortunately, many take it to an extreme. They do not seek the advice of a health care professional and quit working lower body, abdominal muscles, cardio–you name it—for the sake of healing. This process of elimination/avoidance can cause more harm than good. The unattended injury can build up scar tissue, inflammation, while other muscles overcompensate which can lead to more potential injury.

The best method would be to talk with an orthopedic doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist to understand the best route of care for the injury. While receiving care for that injury, most patients will be given approval to work other parts of the body.

Find a fitness professional, such as myself, that understands injury and can modify your workout so that you can continue to care for the rest of your body while the injury heals. A great fitness professional can also work with your physical therapist to enhance the healing process of the injury.

It has been my observation that when people continue to work out while they are recovering and rehabbing an injured area, they heal faster, their immune system stays stronger and they have less pain.


Does this sound like you?  Is this someone you love?

#1 Seek a medical opinion

#2 Stop waiting for it to fix itself.
(Unless that what the doctor recommended.)

#3 Find a fitness professional to help the rest of your body to stay strong and help heal the injury.


Why neglect the rest of your body when there is so much you can do through exercise to improve your health and well-being?

Don’t quit! You can and should do this.

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