Summer Tips

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It’s summer . . . Finally! WooHoo! Time to pack up and head to the cabin; soak up the sun at the lake; camp with the family; and take the kids to swimming lessons, ball camp, and soccer. Oh wait! It’s also time to mow the lawn; plant the garden;  finish summer projects; and celebrate graduations, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. I guess we also need to cram 5 days of work into 4 days so we can get away for the weekend. Oops! We also need to meal plan, grocery shop, and do the normal household chores PHEW!! Are you exhausted? Are you eating healthy? Yikes! Who has time to eat correctly!

Does this sound like you? Are you running around stressed, tired, and unfocused? Summer is a wonderful time of year and worth enjoying with family and friends. However, it’s so easy to get distracted from the priorities of life. We get consumed with the hustle and bustle of summer activities. Freeze! Stop! Hold on! Why are we doing this to ourselves?! Are we participating in these activities because we want to or because we think we have to? It’s time to re-evaluate. Think about these summer activities and take control. Pick the ones that bring happiness and fulfillment to your life. Cut out the ones that are wearing you down and stressing you out! Choose the activities of value and let the rest go!  Life is too short to spend it on things that don’t matter. It also helps to remember that you are not perfect and that no one should expect perfection from you. You can’t do everything! Chill out and give yourself permission to be human. The hedges can wait to be trimmed, the garden can have some weeds, the kids don’t need to go to every gym camp that is offered, and you don’t have to go to every graduation party! Do what you can, do what is important, and let the rest go!

Food can be a struggle too. While brats, burgers, and brownies are rampant so are fresh veggies and fruits. Grilled peppers, pineapple, and tomatoes will add color, flavor, and variety to any summer event. Don’t allow summer activities to consume you. Use this time to relax, enjoy the beautiful weather, and focus on your health. You hibernated all winter. Now is the time to exercise, eat will, and enjoy the warmth and summer!

Here are a few extra tips for the summer:
1.   Hop online and find some quick easy meals made from fresh produce. It’s fun trying something new!

2.   Plan out your meals and grocery shop BEFORE the week starts.
When you know what’s for dinner and all your groceries are in the fridge, you won’t be so quick to grab a pizza on your way home from work.

3.  Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!
When you are thirsty, you can be tempted to grab a pop or other sweetened drink. Try adding lemon, cucumber, or mint leaves to your water. This will give flavor without added calories.

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