The “Julia” Challenge

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I don’t know about you, but this time of year is hard in Minnesota. We’ve hibernated for six months and are itching to see the sunshine, bask in it, and throw our coats in the storage bin! With this comes the rolling of emotions: the “I don’t care about my food intake” mentality, and a Bah-humbug attitude. Don’t get caught up with this depressive mentality! We are Minnesotans! We are tough! The sun is rising earlier than before, and we ARE seeing glimpses of warm weather! We should work toward removing that belly bulge that’s been hiding under those sweatshirts!  

So, snap out of it! Think positive, eat healthy, and get exercising! Summer is right around the corner and you will want to be healthy enough to enjoy it!

My clients are taking the “Julia” Challenge and so should you!

The “Julia” Challenge

· Drink 80-100 oz. of water daily
· Get 7-8 hrs of sleep a night
· Journal 2 weeks each month
· Exercise 4x per week
· Say “NO” to white four items
· Say “YES” to 1 new veggie each week

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