Virtual MAT (Muscle Activation Technique)

If you suffer with muscle tension, poor posture, limited range of motion (Stiff neck, back, etc.), or instability, MAT could be your solution!
And now, in light of Covid-19 and the need to stay at home, Julia is offering a new approach to MAT—Virtual MAT!

Julia can assess you virtually to determine what movements are limited. She will then guide you through a set of isometric exercises to activate muscles and open ranges of motion. This method will help you learn proper form while getting to the cause of disfunction and pain.

Here are some tips to make your Virtual MAT session successful:

  • Ability to move camera for visibility during movement on and off floor. (you will be standing, sitting, and lying on floor)
  • Have reasonable floor space available for exercises
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Have a firm chair
  • TheraBand’s (optional)
  • Massage table (optional)

Never heard of MAT (Muscle Activation Technique) and open to trying something new?

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