What Was I Thinking?

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Have your found yourself saying, “I don’t have time!”, “I can’t afford that”, or “I’ll never be able to do that.” I hear these objections quite frequently and it all comes down to what and how we think. The way we perceive ourselves and our surroundings is extremely powerful. So powerful, that it can    prevent you from having a fulfilling, satisfying life. For example, I can really want to go on a vacation to the Bahamas. If I’m negative, I might miss out on this trip altogether. I might believe that this is a ridiculous idea and my lack of belief will keep me from working hard to save the money and it will keep me from making the travel plans. However, if I’m optimistic (believe I can make it happen), I will work hard, save the money, and make the travel plans. Am I guaranteed success if I’m positive and optimistic?  Unfortunately, no. The plane could break down beforehand, my money could need to be used on other things, my health might prevent me from leaving, and weather could prevent me from traveling.

“What does this have to do with my health'”, you might say. It has so much to do with it’ Your belief will charge your actions. If I decide that exercise is too hard and I’m incapable; that I can’t afford the tools necessary to exercise; that I can’t afford to eat healthy; that I don’t have the time to exercise; or that I’ve injured myself and can’t workout; YOU WON’T However, if I believe I can, I can move forward. I can find extra ways to make money; I can cut back on unnecessary purchases to afford healthier foods and exercise tools; I will remove items from my schedule so I have time to exercise; I can teach myself how to exercise despite injury; or I can find someone who can help me break through my obstacles and encourage me along the way.

You see, your mind is a powerful tool. It can help or it can hurt. Do you find yourself making concrete determinations about yourself that aren’t accurate? Take steps today to break these habits and move forward with your health. Need help’ Find a friend, counselor, or personal trainer (me) today!

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